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Oct 19, 2012 5:00pm PDT
jessica yellin and senior political analyst, david gergen. jessica, let's starts in the midwest, iowa, wisconsin. the president has a small but consistent lead from the romney campaign's perspective in ohio. how much of the midwest at the heart of the obama path to 270? >> they -- well, they are relying on it pretty confidently, john. they feel good about those states. they think because the unemployment picture is improving there, in many of those states it's actually lower than when the president came into office, because the auto bailout worked for so many of the voters in ohio, also you can look at michigan but even especially in ohio, and because he has an advantage if you look at the latest polling in iowa and wisconsin among women voters in particular, they feel strong that the president has a good shot there and it's part of his firewall against some of these other potential losses in the states you were looking at earlier, for example, florida and north carolina. >> so jim, she uses the term firewall. what's the feeling inside the romney campaign? they have to feel a little b
Oct 4, 2012 5:00pm PDT
now, what happened last night, what comes next. our political analyst, david gergen, gloria borger. we've had 24 hours to think about it. the spin the obama campaign has been pushing in the last 24 hours, especially today that mitt romney at the debate last night changed his tune from the campaign trail, that's -- and that is what caught the president off-guard, does that run the risk of backfiring if the obama camp isn't careful? >> it sure does. they've got to worry about, as jessica pointed out, being overly aggressive now, slugging it out too much, turning it too negative. but in truth, anderson, i think there is some damage that's come to the obama campaign. i think some things have changed. we don't know what the balance will be for romney, we have no idea what will happen the next few days but what we do know is a, tomorrow the story's going to change again because we will have new unemployment numbers and we will be focused on is the jobs report good for the president or vice versa but very importantly, two things have now happened. one is that the narrative of this campaign ha
Oct 5, 2012 1:00am PDT
got to take a break. gloria, appreciate it. david gergen as well. it's been a fascinating 24 hours. it's only going to get more interesting. david gergen, we'll talk to him tomorrow as well as gloria. we're on facebook, of course. you can follow me on twitter. @andersoncooper. >>> more raw politics. the best political professional in the business on president obama's rough night and a romney performance one says is the best he has seen by a republican candidate since ronald reagan. do you buy that? the person he's talking against doesn't. cornell belcher and ralph reed join us. stay tuned. 0ñ@ñfÑ >>> welcome back. in raw politics tonight, more on president obama's performance last night in denver, as we have been reporting president obama himself knowthat he lost the debate. he's upset about it. here to talk about it tonight, obama 2012 pollster, cornell belcher. also, ralph reed. chairman of the faith and freedom coalition. cornell, bored, aloof, some said even arrogant. those are some of the words used today and last night to describe president obama on that stage. what exactly wa
Oct 23, 2012 5:00pm PDT
work with some of the best, gergen, borger, carville, matalin. but not so fast, david gergen. hold on to your whiskey, james carville. there's a new pundit in town. maybe not in town technically but at least in front of her computer somewhere. her name is lindsey lohan, noted lifetime movie star and all around national treasure. naturally her tweets are extremely newsworthy, especially ones about the american political climate. so david gergen, while you were hanging out in washington last night with your wolf blitzer, myself and the magic wall which by the way you might not realize this, doubles as a beer pong table in john king's garage on weekends, you were missing out on miss lohan's twitter feeds. omg, it is happening, exclamation mark, exclamation mark, i'm so nervous. coincidentally, i got that same e-mail from james carville but i digress. later, ms. lohan was back in her capacity as a historian tweeting 1920s, 1950s, dot, dot, dot, dot, it's all the same, comma, history repeats itself, dot dot dot dot, only if you let it. duly noted, lindsey lohan. i should point out that
Oct 6, 2012 4:30am PDT
to be much, much more than that. >> after the debate, our analyst, cnn analyst david gergen had this to say. we have a horse race and we certainly do, no question about it in the state of florida. take a look at this polling with me. latest polling from the "wall street journal" shows a virtual dead heat. you see it there, obama 47% and romney 46%. you know the state better than most. what do you think romney has to do to tip it in his favor in. >> well, here's what he better not do. ten days ago he was behind. he came from behind and he is in a dead heat, as you know right now. if he plays prevent defense and i know his consultants are going to want him to be very, very careful and not make a mistake. that's how you will lose to barack obama. in the radio clip, my point was, he is going to come out swinging and he's going to come out maybe with a few punches below the belt. romney is going to do what he did in the first debate. that is, american voters are very interested in style, maybe even more style over substance and that was the first debate you've ever seen where barack obama was ou
Oct 16, 2012 7:30pm PDT
will be a lot happier with his performance in this debate. let's get a reading. david gergen, what did you think? >> most improved goes to barack obama. a much stronger debate tonight. you can read social media. a lot of democrats fired up. i must tell you, i think that mitt romney has had two very good debates back to back. i think a solid performance tonight, and i think overall, he looked like he could be president more than two weeks ago. i tried to score it by the questions. i had a lot of questions as draws, and a couple of questions that romney did better on. had a little more edge to the president. i gave him the edge. >> i think the libya question was not a good moment for governor romney. otherwise, in the debate, both sides, as we said, vice presidential debate, both sides left did what they wanted to do no question, democrat intensity will come back. governor romney did a good job of working against the incumbent's record. two weeks ago, it was about governor romney. made it about president obama in the first debate. still quick sand out there, what is this? what are the american peo
Oct 3, 2012 7:30pm PDT
and reporters and cnn contributors. a quick reading right now. john king, david gergen. >> look at e-mails, conversations during the debate. twitterverse, republicans very happy, including the top team around mitt romney. liberals complaining about the president's performance. without a doubt, participating in republican primary debates helped mitt romney, the president was rusty. hasn't done this in four years. that's not an excuse as james said earlier. the obama campaign says that mitt romney doesn't care about your job or your community. we didn't hear anything like that from the president. romney at least held his own on the big questions of the economy and role of government. if you are the challenger and hold your own, you walk off the stage happy. >> critics of the president say he's two proffesorial. i think they'll say that tonight. >> and more. we have a horse race. mitt romney's performance was head and shoulders than anything we've seen before. >> you think this was his best debate? >> he drove this debate far more than anyone else imagined. mitt romney seized upon the o
Oct 3, 2012 11:00pm PDT
and david gergen. even president obama's final statement didn't think like he had a final statement, other than i'll keep working hard which mitt romney seemed more prepared. >> it was sort of flat to me. >> you noticed a big difference in terms of male and female viewers. >> i noticed a lot of things. if mitt romney were going to use president obama's words, likeable enough at this debate. i think he was. and the things i noticed on the dial tests as i was watching, when president obama spoke about health care, women were up, men were down. when mitt romney spoke about health care, you saw men up. one thing about mitt romney, that he did very well, he seemed to tie everything back to creating jobs, and that's what he needs to do well on to win this election, everything, health care, everything else was about job creation. >> i think we had a big upset tonight. 2-1, the american people thought the president would win, he lost. mitt romney came prepared to play, drove to debate. i don't think the president has been talked to like this over the past four years, and i think he was so surprise
Oct 21, 2012 5:00pm EDT
knows that he is in trouble brings on david gergen, he has been a republican and major figure of the u.s. world report, a pivotal figure in washington politics. clinton brings them into drilled the they could build bridges. the list there to make available to the post of the papers including from the law firm and if they find nothing criminal in those papers, they would promise to completely defend the integrity of the clintons and wipe away the scandal. bill clinton says that's a good idea. george stephanopoulos says that is a good idea. most people say that is a good idea. but bill and hillary says no. those are my papers in the potomac river if i want to i will not make those available. that is in december of 1993. the consequences are in measurable. immediately the "washington post" and "the new york times" organized huge campaigns investigating what happened in light water. the coverage of whitewater and the next six months three times as much as health care. at the same time they demand growth and clinton cannot resist it so he announces there will be a special prosecutor to look
Oct 28, 2012 8:30am EDT
." i want to talk about the great people who endorsed this book. as you notice, we had david gergen on the cover. he's a leader at the harvard kennedy school of government and we we are pleased as a former naval officer that he would support our book. this one doesn't work forward with knock your socks off. we had general allen, the senior leader of our joint mission in afghanistan, admiral locklear, the senior naval officer for other regions in asia. we also had admiral malik, former chairman of the joint chiefs who sent it to classmate, john, and his other son graduated in 03 misleading sailors today. he wrote his connection to the cause. this nonprofit book, this humble book that is good for the country. and then mr. brokaw. for nine at the e-mailed his assistant. i tried really hard and i pushed and pushed, but i don't quite. and the final weeks, he submitted his blurb that has changed this book. i have some bad news. there is more security around tom brokaw and admiral mullen. [laughter] sewer with the next greatest generation? as the lead author of this project, i would say we
Oct 8, 2012 5:00pm PDT
advisor to the romney campaign. also obama 2012 pollster, cornell belcher and david gergen. cornell, this is the first poll taken entirely after the debate although it's just one poll, certainly not a good indicator for president obama or his campaign. what do you make of it? >> we always said this is going to be a tight race and it will continue to be a tight race. there's other polls out there, the political battleground poll came out today showed the president slightly ahead. reuters poll came out friday that showed the president slightly ahead. but look, it's not going to be about the polls. we all know this will be a close race. i think romney did a good job of selling it to the undecided leaning republicans out there and you're seeing them move home. quite frankly, we knew they were going to move home at some point. i think he closed that case with them. he's getting the undecided leaning republicans to come home to him. it will be a close race like we always said it would be. >> ari, a lot of republicans last week were complaining about previous polls that showed governor rom
Oct 16, 2012 4:00pm PDT
chief political analyst, gloria borger, david gergen and john king. you showed us before, who was really -- who changed their mind from the last presidential debate? i mean, why have we seen this huge shift? >> several pieces. one is, and the democrats try to write this off, republicans who became dispirited after their convention, democratic convention drifted away. lean republicans describe their independents, they came home. and the republicans now have that and there is no indication they're going anywhere. governor romney has his full base back. but governor romney made gains among suburbanites, including women. he's made it tighter. and people who identify themselves as independents, and that is the challenge. and why, if you look at smart democrats who have done focus group and polling, they think a lot of people saw no fight in the president. and if you won't fight mitt romney, how will you fight for me? >> so who then is president obama trying to win back tonight or really send a message to tonight? we heard michelle obama, the interview on cnn, talking about how important this
Oct 16, 2012 1:00pm PDT
and analysts. david gergen, the fact there aren't podiums, it does present a whole new set of challenges. you can be seeing your whole body and you have to think about what you're doing while the other candidate is talking. >> that's absolutely true. here's what the situation is. they're going to in high-backed chairs and they can sit in the chair and answer the question or they can roam while they're answering. and that has both opportunities and perils. >> you don't want to roam too much, which john mccain was accused of doing. >> but the roaming gives you an opportunity, as bill clinton demonstrated, go up to the voter and have an almost electoral exchange, and almost empathetic exchange. but you can pay a price too. >> it's interesting, because for president obama, you do -- and both the candidates, you want to connect with the voter or the citizen who's asked you the question, but at the same time, you need, especially president obama, needs to pivot also to attack mitt romney, doesn't he? >> well, that's exactly right. and it's that fact that there's human beings in there who are undeci
Oct 22, 2012 7:30pm PDT
. numbers like that don't move a thing. >> before you answer, you wanted to also talk to david gergen. it's been so long i forgot what david said. >> i said i thought the president was more articulate, more coherent and presidential. i think those things matter. eni think clearly everybody agrees with the president on this debate. traditionally the cnn poll has been eight points more republican than the electorate have. i don't know what the case was tonight. they haven't shared their numbers. that would be interesting, if he won by eight points in a sample that was eight points more republican than the electorate, that would be a bigger victory for the president. the country is 7% -- generally 7% more democratic in terms of self-identified. >> more republicans watch the debates than the democrats. >> right, which is going to lead you to a skewed result. the sample is more republican than the general election is. 48 to 40 said the president won the debate. i don't know what we'd argue about. >> i would never argue with you. >> i have to cut us off here. send us back to anderson. i'm going
Oct 11, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. >> thanks very much. anderson, back the you. >> we're joined by david gergen, gloria borger. what are you personally going to be looking for? >> i'm going to be looking for fun. i think this is going to be one of the most entertaining debates of the year. >> because the stakes are higher. >> and we've got two really interesting personalities. and they do represent two very different philosophies. about which road this country ought to go down. i think it's going to be one of those debates. ryan versus biden, that's going to be terrific. >> we haven't seen a lot of joe biden lately. >> by accident? >> i don't think it's an accident. i think this is campaign time and there's no room for error and i think that he's been focused on the debate prep, but i also think he's not out there since he gave his "meet the press" interview in which he sort of preempted the president on the question of gay marriage, right, so i think they kept him corralled to a degree. >> and in a debate like this, no matter how much preparation there is, you not corral somebody. >> on the sarah palin debate, he was disc
Oct 22, 2012 4:00pm PDT
the last administration. let's talk about it with our analyst, gloria borger, david gergen, john king and gloria borger. who has a tougher job tonight? >> i think mitt romney has a very tough job tonight. he has to be aggressive without being bellicose. he has to define what his vague policies have been, particularly as he laid out in this foreign policy speech in early october. and he has to try and put the president on the defensive. and you know, mitt romney has to look at women voters. he can't sound like he wants to go to war in iran or extend the war in afghanistan. he just can't. so it's going to be a tough act for him. >> here's the odd thing also for romfully. there is a coherent critique of the obama foreign policy. unfortunately, it comes from the left. if you listen to what jessica was saying, the issues on which obama can really be criticized are guantanamo, drones. the surge in afghanistan. trip manying the number of forces. but romney's not going to go there. obama has conducted a kind of tough fairly unsentimental foreign policy, been very strong on the counterterroris
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 54 (some duplicates have been removed)